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Service requirements:
I. enthusiastic certification
Second, skilled business
Three, patient answer
Fourth, reasonable communication

Pre-sales services: market research, product design, provision of product specifications, provision of consulting services, etc.
On-sale services: services provided by the seller to the buyer during the product transaction process, such as reception services, delivery services, product packaging services, etc.
After-sales service: services related to the goods sold and beneficial to the characteristics of the buyer, mainly including delivery, installation, product exchange, repair, maintenance, use of technical training and other services.
Quality service:
Considering the actual situation of customers:
In the process of providing services to customers, we should consider the actual situation of customers and adjust the form of service performance according to their feelings, that is, to provide personalized and high-value services to customers.

Regular inspection service system:
The purpose of establishing service system for enterprises is to better serve customers, help customers solve problems, meet customers' needs and reach or exceed their expectations.  If it is because the system problems affect the improvement of customer service quality, it is necessary to modify the system in a timely manner

Establish a good service system:
Through a good service system, it can greatly improve the service awareness of employees in the enterprise, improve service quality and better serve customers.
Constantly make up for deficiencies in service:
We should make up for the deficiencies in service in time, instead of looking for excuses to shirk our responsibilities.  Through the "service repair", make up for the problems in the service, make the customer satisfied forever, this is also our competitive advantage.
Old and new customers:
To serve old customers is as important as serving new customers.  Paying attention to the service to the old customers can effectively improve the service quality and brand image.
Customer-centered and demand-oriented!