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Suzhou Yonghao Wins the First International Certificate of IEC 62930 Standard Is

Author: Yonghao Electric Wire   Release time:2018-03-08 12:41:48   Visits:0

On March 7, 2018, Germany's Rhine TV (hereinafter referred to as "TV Rhine") issued the world's first international certification certificate of photovoltaic cable conforming to IEC 62930:2017 for photovoltaic cable products independently developed and produced by Suzhou yonghao wire co., ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Suzhou yonghao").  Suzhou Yonghao has also become the first enterprise in the industry to obtain the certification of the international standard for photovoltaic cables since its release, marking that Suzhou Yonghao's photovoltaic cable technology has reached the international leading level and laid a solid foundation for entering the international photovoltaic market.  Sun Xiaodong, Chairman of Suzhou Yonghao, Liu Renjing, General Manager, Wang Jian, Deputy General Manager, Chen Xianlin, Director of Management Department, and Sun Haichao, Director of Business.  Mr. Xia Bo, Vice President of Commercial and Industrial Products Services for TV Rhine Greater China, Mr. Zhao Xinhua, Deputy General Manager, Mr. Zhang Haizhou, Sales Manager and other personnel attended the certification ceremony held in Yonghao, Suzhou.

At the certification ceremony, Mr. Xia Bo, vice president of commercial and industrial products services for TV Rhine Greater China, said: "First of all, I congratulate Suzhou Yonghao on winning the world's first IEC 62930 certificate. At the same time, I also thank Suzhou Yonghao for its trust and support. I hope Suzhou Yonghao will get ahead of others in the international market and achieve better results!"  Sun Xiaodong, chairman of Suzhou Yonghao, also said: "Suzhou Yonghao is determined to be the best product, keep up with the pace of the market, strictly control the product quality, treat customers with sincerity and strive to be the best!"



Suzhou Yonghao is a high-tech innovative new energy product manufacturer integrating research and development, production, sales, operation, service and new energy supporting solutions of new energy products.  In the process of development, the Internet thinking was fully introduced and a set of development strategies of "integration of resources, innovation of development and internationalization of services" was created.  In order to enhance the brand's core competitiveness, it has continuously introduced advanced technology and equipment at home and abroad, and has formed a high-tech research and development service team with "superb technology, excellent quality, high efficiency and practicality".  Relying on the advantages of "strong scientific and technological strength, good product quality and wide service range", it has won the praise and favor of our customers and friends.  Looking to the future, Suzhou Yonghao will unswervingly carry out the operation tenet of "science and technology give birth to innovation, quality achievement model and excellence create the future", and strive hard to build the brand into the great vision of "new energy field model brand"!



Rhine TV, Germany, is the world's leading independent inspection service provider with a history of more than 140 years. It has branches around the world and employs more than 20,000 people.  Germany Rhine TV Group's independent expert team ensures the safety and quality of human beings, environment and science and technology in all aspects of life.  For participating enterprises in the global photovoltaic industry chain, TV Rhine provides a full range of localization services in the field of photovoltaic components, including product research and development, product testing and certification, operator qualification review, on-site installation review and other services.  Rhine TV has always been famous for its rigorous and high-quality service in textile test. It also provides various professional evaluations from an impartial and independent perspective to provide local enterprises with high-quality services and solutions that conform to safety, quality and environmental protection.