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Good News Warmly Congratulates Suzhou Yonghao on Becoming Director Unit of Suzho

Author: Yonghao Electric Wire   Release time:2018-08-01 15:53:14   Visits:0
Suzhou photovoltaic industry started in 2006 and has been promoted and developed as a key emerging industry since then. In recent years, it has maintained a high growth rate and leading enterprises have been gathering continuously.
Suzhou Photovoltaic Industry Association integrates resources, effectively participates in discussions and exchanges with its members, learns industry information in the first place, timely grasps relevant policies and developments related to the industry, and shares resources among members to expand the market.
Suzhou Yonghao Electric Wire Co., Ltd. had the honor to become the "director unit of Suzhou Photovoltaic Industry Association" through deliberation.

 The governing units of Suzhou PV Industry Association are all excellent and active enterprises. They can set an example in the industry and lead the industry to progress. They have excellent qualifications and high sense of responsibility. I would like to thank all leaders and units of Suzhou PV Industry Association for their trust.


Suzhou Yonghao, as a well-known one-stop wire and cable service provider in China, has been committed to the research and development and production of high-quality wire and cable since its establishment in 2007 and has provided supporting solutions for new energy sources. The company has been rated as a "national high-tech enterprise" by the Chinese government and has obtained many patent certificates.  The "New Energy Cable Joint Research and Development Center" set up in cooperation with Southeast University regards product quality as the top priority of enterprise development.  In March 2018, Suzhou Yonghao won "the world's first TUV Rhine International Certificate 62930", which indicates that Suzhou Yonghao's photovoltaic cable technology has reached the international leading level.

At present, under the influence of international "double opposition" and domestic "531 policy", all photovoltaic enterprises have been hit to a certain extent. However, challenges and opportunities are at the same time, and any difficulties cannot stop Yonghao from developing. Our orders are still increasing, especially with the continuous cooperation with overseas customers, Yonghao's influence in the international market is continuously increasing.
Yong Hao is looking forward to working with more friends to grow and share success!

If we miss the 2018 SNEC Shanghai exhibition and the 2018Intersolar Europe we miss it again, you are cordially invited to attend the International Renewable Energy Exhibition in India at the New Delhi-Noida Exhibition Center in India from September 18 to 20, 2018.  Our number: 7.15
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