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Yonghao introduces new equipment and takes customers as the center to improve qu

Author: Yonghao Electric Wire   Release time:2018-08-30 16:26:00   Visits:0
It is said that the scorching sun is like fire.
July and August are scorching sun like poison, which darkens the skin of groups of young girls.
The drizzle disturbs the countryside, and the cool breeze flutters in the breeze.  Unconsciously, it was already half a month into autumn, and several torrential rains brought the coolness of a long time ago.
However, what makes Yonghao feel even cooler is that the cable workshop has added these two rows of dignified high-end sharp tools-the latest fully automatic pushing machine.

After more than half a month of overtime and careful layout, installation and commissioning, production finally started today.
Equipment is a basic symbol of enterprise scale and modern production level, and is also an important factor of social productivity.
Today's technology is changing with each passing day, and the market demand is changing rapidly.  Only by relying on the level of modernization, improving management and production efficiency can we produce high quality and low price products to meet the needs of the market and customers.
The expansion of Yonghao workshop and the investment of new equipment have effectively solved the productivity shortage caused by a large number of orders.

Yong Hao, with the sword drawn, who will compete with us?
Entering Yonghao cable production workshop, we can see that rows of machines are constantly running and workers are busy in their respective jobs.
Ever since its establishment, Yonghao Cable Co., Ltd. has closely followed the development trend of the market, actively met the needs of customers, continuously introduced international front-end equipment, technologies and processes, timely replaced and eliminated old production equipment, continuously improved production capacity, increased economic benefits, assisted customer development and promoted rapid progress of enterprises.
We have "Jin Gangzuan", let more "porcelain wares" come more violently!