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Passionate youth and brilliant achievements

Author: Yonghao Electric Wire   Release time:2018-11-05 14:29:08   Visits:0
Today, Suzhou Yonghao entrusts Suzhou Zhitong Development Culture Co., Ltd. to organize outdoor group development with the theme of "Youth Passion and Brilliance Together" in the scenic Changshu Shang Hu Scenic Area. The aim is to enable employees of the company to enhance team cohesion and communication and cooperation ability in a relaxed atmosphere and become a strong team with excellent coordination, responsibility and market demand-oriented service capability.

1、Through the relaxed and interesting warm-up activities, the small partners can dispel their estrangement and close the distance to prepare for all-day training activities.

2、Farewell to Individual Heroes and Build Teams
Name of each team
1. Wolf Warriors 2. Top King 3. Wei United 4. Fire Phoenix
Wolf Warriors!  Wolf Warriors!  There is no defeat!
The return of the king!  There is no defeat!
Go all out!  Go ahead!
Phoenix pan nie!  Rebirth from desire!
In order to stimulate the enthusiasm of small partners, team honor is established through team name, slogan and modeling, and fierce competition is launched.

3、Qunlong takes water and boils and sublimates.

4、Card situation challenges collective coordination.

In the collision of wisdom and courage, the spirit of each team became fresh and alive. The strength of several teams was equal and each had its own advantages and disadvantages. However, we were not comparing high and low wins and losses, but in the process.  Everyone challenged themselves and understood each other in this outward bound training. A pair of strong and happy eyes showed the collective cohesion and centripetal force.
4、Seize the beach and land, the wisdom of all, raise the strength of all:

We are a united, active and upward team, as can be seen from the company's outward bound training, especially the "beach landing" project, which can better reflect the team spirit of our company.  Under the command of the instructor, the landing sequence was soon arranged.  All people's hearts are tied together, consciousness has reached a high degree of unity, and there is only one belief: never abandon, never give up!  With everyone's joint efforts and coordination, we completed the task ahead of schedule in 10 minutes within the stipulated time.  A person's strength is insignificant. Only a team with unified goals, unity and cooperation, mutual support, and fighting side by side is strong and invincible.
5、The circle of excellence, playing is the heartbeat

To sum up a passage from Liu zong: team cooperation is a spirit of "voluntary cooperation" and "cooperative efforts" shown in order to achieve the established goals. real cooperation is based on "willingness". when team cooperation is based on one's own will, it will surely produce an invisible and lasting powerful force that can stir up the resources and talents of all members. this invisible force is better than tangible.  Trust in others is a noble virtue. To work with colleagues is to give them full trust first.  At this time, under intense work and pressure, we are participating in team expansion, improving work efficiency, and mobilizing enthusiasm and enthusiasm. We firmly believe that when we work together in the future, we will be able to focus on the same goal, unite our efforts, and strive to achieve the goal for the development of Yonghao Electric Wire in a new world.

At sunset, the red clouds in the western hills fly away.
Soldiers target and return the camp to the camp.
The wind shows red flags and reflects rosy clouds.
Happy songs are flying everywhere.  ...
The sonorous and forceful voices and laughter of Yonghao people have been stirring on the green forest and clear water in Shang Hu.