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New journey, new beyond | peer, yonghao together

Author: Yonghao Electric Wire   Release time:2019-01-20 09:11:00   Visits:0

Suzhou yonghao cable 2019 Spring Festival annual meeting
-- 2018 advanced awards
2018 this "dog", so in the time between work and off, 2019 this "pig" with the whole body of treasure to our lovely walk.
For office workers the biggest pain than: at the end of the people's company employees take red envelopes left hand, right hand to carry the prize, but also mouth flow oil, blurred eyes looking at the stage colorful performance, and you can only look at people ha ha ~
Suzhou yonghao cable has always been working atmosphere, by the annual meeting planning director Dylan plan to "new journey, new beyond" as the theme of the annual meeting in January 18, 2019 at 18:18 grand!
Yes, here is your envy of the "annual meeting of others" site.

With the loud countdown sound on the big screen, beautiful and handsome two hosts shine on stage. That a suit of elegant clothes, gentle smile, magnetic voice, to each guest, friends and relatives say hello, at this time the audience's heart has been melted by the stage.

Mr. Sun xiaodong, director of yonghao group addressed the conference.
Yonghao read out the enterprise policy: "integrity development, results sharing", not only to share with customers and friends, but also to share with suppliers, but also to share with enterprise staff, a impassioned speech attracted applause, one after another.

Next yong hao, general manager Mr Liu Renjing walked onto the stage, the outstanding staff in the past year represents an honorary certificate and cash prize, this is liu very notice at ordinary times, he often said: "the company always remember hard work for the company pay of every employee, give more care to give benefits, employee satisfaction can be satisfied with the company, we are the camp of the iron, leave more iron soldiers." "This one all the way" walk ever to cut jing to cut stab square to show today spirit fresh air.

The conference is rich and colorful, under the stage table gluttonous food, aroma of red and white wine, stage performance beautiful huan, wonderful.

"Belly" has just left, and a group of "Tianzhu Girls" have appeared. Their lithe and graceful dancing shows exotic amorous feelings.

In the beginning, there was softness; in the end, there was softness; in the end, there was softness; in the end, there was gentleness; in the end, there was gentleness; in the end, there was a "Tianzhu" martial arts competition.

Don't go to Yong Hao to make trouble in the future

The old woman is crazy, too.
Let's play heartbeat.
Leaders and representatives of outstanding employees began to collide with their hearts violently in the fierce music. Their hearts beat faster and their blood surged up. Is there any ~ ~ ~
I touch, I touch, I touch ~

Chief Lu of Yonghao Group (second from the right in the figure) presents the second prize to the lucky ones.
Only by taking this cup can we take away the things on the ground.

What are you holding back tonight ~ ~

Everyone participates in the work and the prizes are shared by everyone.
Quietly asked him, "How did you get so lucky and how did you do it?"
Jacob, with many years of sales and service experience, he has very keen market insight and strong customer service concept, which makes it absolutely impossible to expand his territory.

Liu has repeatedly expressed his gratitude to the employees in a cup of wine.

The audience was so excited that they couldn't stop it.
It is said that the bouquet is not afraid of the depth of the alley. With the concerted efforts of Yonghao people, Yonghao cable brand is well known and used by more and more domestic and foreign customers. We also welcome friends to put forward more opinions and suggestions to us to make us stronger and better.
Yong Hao has been moving forward rapidly. We are willing to share success and joy with more friends on the way forward.