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Snec 2019 Invitation to Shanghai, China

Author: Yonghao Electric Wire   Release time:2019-05-04 10:51:00   Visits:0

To inherit and carry forward the glorious tradition of the "May 4th" movement, guide the broad masses of young firmly establish the concept of scientific development, carry forward the "integrity, responsibility, innovation and dedication" of the enterprise core values, cultivate the spirit of unity, diligently enterprising, expand innovation, show young employees demonstrate village, positive spirit, the eve of May Day, organized by suzhou city northbridge demonstrate village committee of the "May 4th youth day" running competition activities, held in northbridge where the field trails, beautiful scenery.


This long distance race is a special youth league day activity to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the May 4th movement with the theme of "youth heart to the party, building a new era".
There are more than 30 athletes from more than 10 famous enterprises in beidaoqiao, suzhou yonghao wire as the special invitation enterprises to participate in this activity, and won the top three, although we have always been the first friendship, but the game we did not let you down.
  You read the wrong, is the top three were yong hao people into the bag, this is beyond the expectations and expected things. Before the event yonghao liu renjing general manager told the athletes: "with yonghao people consistent persistence and patience, diligence and explosive power, take the first two can. And these athletes: will be in charge of your life, inherited a work can not stop the work style, directly all the top three. How about this? Can I take you to play happily next year? Ha ha ha ~ just kidding.
   Let's enjoy the elegance of sports and feel the passion of sports:


With a clear sound of the starting gun, athletes like a tiger out of the cage, straight -


 This is the style of the champion, listening to the free music, stepping free pace, breathing the fresh air, enjoying the beautiful scenery on both sides, where is the second place, where is the third place, the hero is doomed to be lonely ~ 


This is the charm of the runner-up, brimming with the confidence of yonghao people, let you behind the Yangtze river wave ahead of the wave, after the wave is not able to catch up with me before the wave, ha ha ~

Third, still yonghao people, sprint across the finish line, become the first three terminator of this event, congratulations for you, congratulations for yonghao!
  Path green wheat fields, the breeze blowing, moved, as if enthusiasm of the audience waved to the athletes, the other athletes were established through the finish line, through their own adhere to their own way to complete their work life of a challenge, only success, not failure, but in a different way, also cheer for them! 

 Thanks to the leaders of the village committee for awarding cash prizes and commemorative books to the athletes who won the ranking, and taking a group photo. 

 Yonghao athletes holding the company flag, to the sky green field as the background photo, fresh atmosphere. Cheers for your excellence and persistence!

  This activity place passes through the village committee leader comrade's careful arrangement, chooses in the paddy field surround, the air is fresh, the green meaning is full of the field road, the scenery is pleasant, the green tree gives shade, the wheat ear which breathes freely with the breeze gently to sway, the bird calls, makes one feel refreshed.
  Run, ever remember, your vigorous body, like a brush, decorated the green fields, painting for life. Sprinkle a sweat, continue to raise the pace, burst into a roar of spirit, continue to move forward, whether successful or not, you have had, had remembered, cheering at the end, shocked around.