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"Terror Killer" of Photovoltaic Power Generation

Author: Yonghao Electric Wire   Release time:2017-08-16 20:20:00   Visits:0
One, his power station felt less power generation after the rain?
Whether it is a large-scale ground power station or a household power station, there are many reasons that affect the power generation. Recently, I received a phone call from a small photovoltaic partner: "The power generation of the components installed two years ago is obviously reduced after rain, but after a few sunny days, the power generation is better (a little more than when it just rained)".
After specific communication with small partners, the preliminary judgment component has PID effect.  There are many factors affecting power generation and PID effect is one of them. PID attenuation is especially obvious!  Why do you say that?  In fact, the PID effect of the components is repairable (decryption and repair method in the next section). Therefore, the PID effect affects the quick power generation and quick recoverability.
Second, what is PID effect?
PID effect (Potential Induced Degradation), also known as potential induced attenuation, is a phenomenon of component performance attenuation caused by ion migration under the high voltage between the battery piece and its grounded metal frame, which is the packaging material of the battery component and the materials of its upper and lower surfaces.
Third, the background of "PID effect"
At first, the power of the components was greatly attenuated due to the system bias, some of which even exceeded 50%, thus affecting the power output of the whole power station. However, no defects could be seen from the appearance of the components.
Under what circumstances will PID be generated?
1. Principle of material composition (a subtle relationship between components EVA, tempered glass, aluminum frame, etc. is too professional to explain too much in a small edition)
2. Most of the phenomena are most likely to occur in humid conditions (photovoltaic modules are relatively strong in PID effect in the period after the sun rises in the morning under natural environmental conditions. The reason is that after a night without power generation, due to the temperature difference between day and night, water vapor in the air will condense on its surface and condensation will occur (especially dew in summer and autumn), which will cause photovoltaic system to bear the above-mentioned system bias voltage in the period after the sun rises in the morning and in the case of relatively humid surface). Moreover, its activity degree and humidity are similar.

     PID generation                PID intensifies                PID demonization                                   

Four, how to find their own components produced PID effect?
If the small partners have the ability, they can let the evaluation unit or the photovoltaic agent holding the EL test equipment and so on to preliminarily judge whether the PID effect is generated by comparing the EL tests of photovoltaic modules.  If a strong customer can also purchase such EL testing equipment, it is not only the PID effect test.
Note: There are many reasons and methods for the generation and recovery of PID effect. The purpose of this article is to let everyone pay more attention to whether the components they buy have quality problems.