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Pride | The World's Top 6 Photovoltaic Industries, with China accounting for 4

Author: Yonghao Electric Wire   Release time:2018-02-09 17:01:00   Visits:0
Compared with other traditional industries, photovoltaic is an emerging industry.  However, thanks to the continuous efforts of hard-working photovoltaic personnel, every year of photovoltaic is very different, and the products and technologies are continuously advancing by leaps and bounds.  Today, I'd like to share with you some of the world's best in the photovoltaic industry.


First, the largest solar photovoltaic market


After the trough in 2011, the growth of China's photovoltaic industry has gradually warmed up. Since 2015, the cumulative installed capacity of China's photovoltaic power generation has been the largest in the world year after year, and accounts for a large part of the new installed capacity in the world.  According to a report by the Sadi think tank, China's new installed capacity exceeded 50 GW in 2017, accounting for half of the world's new installed capacity.
Second, the world's largest solar aircraft
-Sunshine Power 2
"Sunshine Power 2" provides energy for the four electric engines on the plane through 17248 solar panels, and eventually provides power for the propeller of the plane. It can also store solar energy in lithium battery packs for night flight.  At 8: 00 a.m. on July 26, 2016, "sunshine power 2" completed the first solar plane global flight feat in human history.
Three, the world's largest solar ship
The Turano is the world record holder. It successfully completed an 18-month round-the-world voyage in 2012, and the ship successfully won the throne of the world's largest solar ship.  The $26 million twin solar captain is 101 feet (30.7 meters) wide and 49 feet (15 meters) wide, and can carry up to 50 passengers.  It was driven by 537 square meters of solar panels covered on the ship.
Four, the world's single longest mileage of high-speed photovoltaic road
-Jinan Expressway Photovoltaic Road
On December 28, 2017, the photovoltaic test section of the world's first expressway was officially opened to traffic in Jinan, and this "black technology" highway instantly became a network red.  It is understood that the photovoltaic pavement test section of this expressway is located on the south line of Jinan Ring Expressway, with a total length of more than 1,000 meters, and is laid on the main carriageway and emergency carriageway.
Five, the world's largest floating solar power station
-Anhui Huainan Power Station
This large floating photovoltaic solar power station will be located on a pond in Huainan City, Anhui Province, with a scale of 40MW.  The reservoir was originally a mining subsidence area in Huainan and Huaibei, so this power station not only leads the world in scale, but also represents the effective activation of the land space.
Six, the world's largest photovoltaic power station
-Longyangxia Water-Light Complementary Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Power Station
Longyangxia hydropower station is located on the left bank of Longyangxia hydropower station reservoir with a straight line distance of 36 kilometers.  Longyangxia Hydropower Station is equipped with four water turbine generators with 320 MW of single unit capacity, with a total installed capacity of 1280 MW, a normal water storage level of 2600 meters, a storage capacity of 24.7 billion cubic meters, and a regulation capacity of 19.35 billion cubic meters. It is a multi-year regulation reservoir with excellent regulation performance.