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A "Line" from Suzhou, China to Munich, Germany

Author: Yonghao Electric Wire   Release time:2018-06-28 12:20:00   Visits:0
Do you still remember the past May, which is full of charm and softness? At the 12th (2018) SNEC International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy Exhibition in Shanghai New International Expo Center, Suzhou Yonghao Electric Wire attracted numerous guests to stop and talk for a long time with its unique creativity, warm and thoughtful service, comprehensive and excellent products and refreshing design colors.  This exhibition has enabled Yong Hao to meet a new group of friends. The cooperative friendship starts here.

The heat in June is wilder and more unbridled. Yonghao Cable, with peace, purity and elegant quality, brings Yonghao Cable to Munich, Germany, a city of passion and vitality in Europe.
In this city where Olympia Park and the Arc de Triomphe are located, there are not only beer cups and delicious white sausages, but also a large new energy exhibition every July. How can Yonghao's participation be absent?
SNEC Shanghai Hot Spot
Yonghao's customers and friends have spread to more than a dozen countries in the world. In order to let more friends know Yonghao and use better cable products to develop together with Yonghao, Deputy General Manager Jacob(Email:jacob.wang@yhdx.net) and International Marketing Manager Rachel(Email:rachel@yhdx.net) took carefully prepared and exquisite cable samples of various models and fields to participate in the exhibition in Qingfeng Baiyun.

Munich International Solar Energy Exhibition Hall, Germany

Jacob, vice president of Yong Hao, and Rachel, senior international marketing manager, were present at the exhibition.

Enthusiastic on-site contract signing customers
Friends in Europe are very interested in Chinese-made and Yonghao cables. They are willing to know Yonghao and are willing to cooperate with Yonghao. They have a warm talk on Yonghao's products and services.  We exchange information with each other and are willing to have more in-depth exchanges. We believe that our products and sincerity will surely lead us to strengthen cooperation and join hands with more friends.
If you are interested in knowing Yonghao and good quality cables, let's meet and know each other again at the "India International Renewable Energy Exhibition" in the coming September.
Looking forward to a beautiful encounter!
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